Cleveland Public Library and The Cleveland Law Library Announce a New Partnership

CLEVELAND, OH – On March 2, 2016 the Cleveland Public Library (CPL) and The Cleveland Law Library announced a new partnership to explore collaborative ventures and the exchange of services. One of the outcomes is to coordinate activities and programs related to the legal needs of the community.

“Cleveland Public Library is proud to collaborate with our neighbor, The Cleveland Law Library” said Director Felton Thomas, Jr. “This partnership furthers the mission of the Library to be ‘The People’s University’, the center of learning for a diverse and inclusive community.”

The joint mission will also further the goals of The Cleveland Law Library. “This initiative will support the Cleveland Law Library’s strategic planning goals of promoting relationships with local partners and enhancing communications with interested stakeholders,” said Joseph Gross, President of The Cleveland Law Library.

Both organizations will work together to educate staff on legal resources available at both libraries, coordinate special exhibits and events to bring legal issues of interest to the community and enhance web sites to reference each other’s legal collections.